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How does Capital Distribution work?
Capital Distribution Questions and Answers can be found here.

Where can I find information on the with-profits fund?
We publish a simple guide to how the with-profits business works called "A guide to how we manage the with-profits fund".

We also publish a more detailed document called the Principles and Practices of Financial Management (PPFM) which explains how the with-profits fund is managed and an explanation of the latest changes to the PPFM.

Where can I find the latest reports on the with-profits fund?
We publish a report which covers the management of the with-profits fund. This is the Annual report to with-profits policyholders.

We also publish guides for our unit linked funds and with-profits fund which provide information about the funds and their features.

What is the asset mix of the with-profits fund?
The asset mix of the with-profits fund.

Where can I find information on bonus rates?
We publish a list of the current and previous year's bonus rates.

Where can I find information about the With-Profits Committee?
The Board forms a With-Profits Committee at each Board meeting and here are their Terms of Reference.

Can you provide advice on with-profits funds?
No, the Society is unable to provide advice. We therefore recommend you seek independent financial advice. A financial adviser will inform you of the fee they charge for their service. To find Independent Financial Advisers in your area, the website www.unbiased.co.uk is very helpful.

The Pensions Advisory Service is also able to provide you with free impartial information and guidance on all pension matters. Their telephone number is 0800 011 3797 and their website can be found at www.pensionsadvisoryservice.org.uk.

Alternatively, the Money Advice Service offers a range of guides on financial matters, including pensions. They can be contacted on 0800 138 7777 or via their website at www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk. 

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