5    Charges
5.1   Annual management charge
The Society collects an annual management charge from the majority of our funds to cover the expenses of administering your policy. The charge is taken into account when we calculate the unit price each day.
Expenses which we expect to recover through the annual management charge include:
  • administration costs
  • investment valuation costs
  • levies, including those payable to regulators
  • investment management costs
The annual management charges for the funds are shown on the Society's website www.equitable.co.uk.
We review the annual management charge at least annually to make sure it not only covers the cost of our expenses but is fair. If there is any change in the future, we will write to you.
5.2   Other expenses
Some costs are not covered by the annual management charge. They may include expenses to buy or sell investments and tax payments. The Property Fund is charged a portion of the property asset management related expenses. These additional costs are taken directly from the funds and thereby reducing the price of units.
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